PC Recycling Project

The term 'digital divide' was coined to describe the gulf that exists in computing facilities between industrialized and developing nations.Industrialized nations have in general more modern IT equipment,better educated people and can readily finance their research and development efforts than developing nations.In view of this,a number of initiatives have been undertaken by governments,NGOs and other institutions to try and reduce this rift.These initiatives have however met with little success due to the ever widening gap between the rich and poor,and due to the high cost of computers and software.As part of its social responsibility program,the Ubuntu Loco Team in conjunction with is partners has decided to play a part in addressing this anomaly.

Computers are like clothing for most people nowadays.They are kept for as long as they are fashionable.They are only discarded when a new model comes to the market with better specifications.For some,especially the more frugally oriented people,computers are discarded only when they develop serious technical problems.It is these types of 'rejects 'that the team hopes to rework and possibly extend their lifespan.Reworking may involve repairing the electronics and loading fresh operating systems-which in this case are none other than Ubuntu.These 'reworked' computers will then be forwarded to deserving recipients,gratis.

The Ubuntu Loco Team in its efforts to distribute computing infrastructure would like to partner with individuals,companies and other organizations.Partnership can be in the capacity of donating old PC's,refurbishment or distribution to bona fide recipients.Those who would like to get in touch with us can do so at team@ubuntu.org.zw

Prepared by Jeff Chivheya